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Tim Farron

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MP calls for greater regulation on non-mains gas and oil

January 18, 2011 9:40 AM

South Lakes MP Tim Farron has today called on the government to introduce greater regulation of gas and oil prices for those people who are not linked to the mains supply.

Tim has called for a fairer system of regulation for those who are currently exposed to an unregulated market of gas and oil for cooking and heating purposes. With significant amounts of South Lakeland residents being subjected to large price hikes in the past few years, Tim is calling on the government to take action against these unregulated energy suppliers, some of whom charge whatever they wish.

Residents on the mains energy system are protected by OFGEM, and other energy regulators, which can defend them from damaging price hikes without reason. However, Tim is calling for a similar regulation system for non-mains oil and gas, so that all consumers are protected by price guidelines on energy suppliers.

This morning, Tim said; "Particularly after the severe winters we have experienced over the past few years, it is incredibly important that consumers of non-mains gas and oil are protected and receive the same regulation as their neighbours on the mains system.

"I have called on the government for a fairer system as I believe high and unregulated gas and oil prices are a problem that often affects many people in our rural communities. It is simply unfair that those unprotected customers have faced gas prices that have doubled in recent years. They deserve the same protection and regulation to prevent hardship, particularly in these freezing temperatures."