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Tim Farron

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Government's grammar school fixation overlooks the real issue - Farron

April 13, 2017 4:36 PM

South Cumbrian MP Tim Farron has warned that the government's fixation with grammar schools overlooks the real issue of the massive cuts which threaten local schools.

In a speech today, the Education Secretary said all grammar schools should change their admissions code to give priority to disadvantaged children and help "ordinary working families".

However, Tim has warned that the real danger to education comes from the government's cuts to school budgets. Cumbrian schools face cuts of £23million by 2020, which could see 625 teachers cut.

Tim said: "The government's obsession with its ideological pet project of grammar schools is a distraction from the real threat which is the massive cuts that local schools face.

"If the government really cared about improving the education of children from ordinary working families, it would reverse plans to cut £23million from Cumbria's schools, not fiddle with admissions policies for a tiny minority of schools.

"Slashing school budgets will mean fewer teachers, fewer resources, and lower standards. Our children deserve better."